Headings are sometimes called “headlines”, but actually they are the titles or subtitles that you want displayed on your page, structured in a hierarchy from H1-H6.

Heading 1

H1 is the first and largest heading. For WordPress pages, H1’s are automatically the Page Title or very first line of text.

You only want one H1 per page.

Heading 2

H2’s are the second largest heading, and the most common one you will use.

Don’t skip heading levels. The first heading used on the page should always be H2 (since H1 is the automated page title). Then, the only heading that should follow is another H2 or an H3, never an H4.

Heading 3

Used to denote a subsection of an H2.

Heading 4

Used to denote a subsection of an H3.

Heading 5

Used to denote a subsection of an H4.

Heading 6

Used to denote a subsection of an H5.

Updated on April 13, 2021

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