To access your forms, navigate to Forms in the left-hand menu. Here you will find Contact Form and Lead Form. Both of these are already set up and configured for your site, so you don’t need to do anything.

We don’t recommend making changes to these forms as that could compromise the functionality of your site. However, if you want to make updates, see below for details specific to Vestor sites.

For more information on how these forms work, see Gravity Forms documentation.

Contact Form

This is the form that exists on the /contact/ page. It has the following fields – Name*, Phone (optional), Email*, What can we help you with?*.

The asterisks (*) indicate whether something is required or not.

Contact – Thank You page

The thank-you page for the Contact Form is /contact/thank-you/. You can edit its content under Pages.

Lead Form

This is the main form on your site, the first part of which is “Enter your address”. This can be accessed in the hero/feature area of the homepage, or on /get-a-fast-fair-offer/.

Once someone fills out their address, it takes them to the second step of the form to collect their contact information – /get-a-fast-fair-offer/step-2/.

Both Step 1 and Step 2 are part of one form – the Lead Form. We recommend not changing any settings for the address field as this will mess up the functionality of your site. However, you can change the contact information field labels if you wish. Do note the Phone/Email settings below.

Phone/Email – “How would you like to be contacted?”

We created this field so leads can enter their preferred method of contact, since some people won’t fill out forms with Phone Number. It also keeps the form shorter, which is good for conversions.

Additionally, you will know how the lead prefers to be contacted, which can create a more enjoyable experience for them.

Lead Form – Thank You page

The thank-you page for the Lead Form is /get-a-fast-fair-offer/thank-you/. You can edit its content under Pages.

Updated on April 8, 2021

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