• Site Options

    Company and targeting information.

  • Optimize your site for SEO

    Overview By default, your site is visible to search engines and has been technically optimized to meet moderns standards for best SEO practices. When you create your site, it will not immediately show up in search results. Google and other search engines take time to crawl your site (ie. detect…

  • Lead Center

    Built-in way to manage your leads with My Notes and Lead Status.

  • Set up SMS Notifications

    Sign up for a Twilio account to receive SMS messages when a Gravity Form is submitted.

  • Notifications

    How to set up email and SMS/text notifications.

  • Domain-based email

    Available for paid plans or those with custom domains. Add domain-based email here.

  • Domain mapping for Paid plans

    Navigate to Tools > Domain Mapping. Copy the IP address in the blue box that says ” If you want to redirect a domain you will need to add a DNS “A” record pointing at the IP address of this server: {IP address}“. Paste it in the “A” record in…

  • Free subdomain

    When you sign up, you automatically get your own subdomain on vestor.com.

  • Shortcodes

    You will see these in square brackets throughout your site like so: [shortcode]. Think of them as a shortcut.

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