Block Areas


Block Areas are a special content type that we use to create a reusable group of Blocks that we can place in specific locations in your theme. Currently, we only support a Footer Block Area.

Managing Block Areas

You can create as many different Block Areas as you want, and then assign them to different Pages, Posts, or Locations.

Create or edit a Block Area

Go to Content > Block Areas. To add a new Block Area, click the “Add New” button. To edit an existing Block Area, click on it.

You can add any blocks you want to the Blocks Editor and this group of blocks will be used wherever you have assigned your Block Area.

Assign a Block Area

You can assign any Block Area to any Page, Post, or Location. Currently, we only support the Footer placement for Block Areas. This Block Area will appear below all of the other content on the page, but directly above the bottom theme footer that contains menus and other SEO content.

To assign a Block Area to a Page, Post, or Location, go to its respective edit page. Beneath the Content Editor Area, underneath Page/Post Settings, select your Block Area from the Footer dropdown.

Special Block Areas

Every Vestor site should have a Block Area named “Default Footer”. If you have accidentally deleted it, you can add a new one and just make sure it uses that exact name.

This special Block Area shows on all pages of your site that you cannot directly edit (ex: 404, category pages, archives, etc.), and also as the default on all pages you can edit. On pages you can edit, you can override it by following the instructions to Assign a Block Area (above).

Updated on May 5, 2021

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